Thursday, May 9, 2013

Today's Gems

While traveling to school this morning, Pumpkin said, "I'm thirsty!"  Honey Bunches responded, "Hi Thursday, I'm Friday.  Do you want to hang out on Saturday and get a Sunday?" Ba da bomp.

Tonight during supper:

Gummi:  How old will you be on your next birthday Grandma?"
Grandma:  75
Gummi:  Whoa! 

After supper, while cleaning up the kitchen:

Gummi:  Does Grandma take baths?
Me:  No, she usually takes a shower.  Why?
Gummi:  I just thought old people would sit in the tub to soak all the years of dirt off.

Before bed tonight:

Honey Bunches:  Hey mom - would you like me to teach you how to make paper tulips?
Me:  Yes!

After creating a lovely bouquet:

Me:  Thanks Honey for helping me make these flowers.  I love them!
Honey:  I guess kids can teach adults things too.
Me:  More than you'll ever know.

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