Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Gummi's Eighth Birthday

Gummi's birthday was last Thursday, but due to Monkey's travel schedule, we decided to celebrate a little on her actual birthday, and a little this past Saturday.

Here's our Birthday Girl.  She woke up ready to jump-start her day.  She cashed in a non-uniform pass and brought some pretty fabulous looking cupcakes to share with her class.

Dinner was a Papa Murphy's pizza with a giant cookie and ice cream for dessert.

Saturday, Gummi was ready to celebrate with the birthday dinner of her choice:  grilled hamburgers.
This beauty of a cake was made by Silly.
Gummi asked for a "spring" looking cake.  Well done Silly!

After Gummi opened her gifts (she received a couple varieties of cereal, nail polish, and a Lego Friends book from her siblings) we followed with tradition of retelling her birth story.  All the kids love hearing about the day the world met them.  We shared with Gummi how her Auntie (also her Godmother and also a nurse) happened to be working that day in the hospital.  She would sit with us in-between seeing patients, hoping that Gummi would soon make her appearance.  About ten minutes after Auntie had left to return to work, Gummi was born.  Auntie couldn't believe that she had missed her birth.  One of my favorite pictures was taken that day.  It was Auntie in her scrubs with her just growing back fuzzy hair (she was in remission from ovarian cancer), rocking Gummi, who had a head FULL of dark hair.  That picture has always brought a smile to my face as it represents for me the sanctity and beauty of life.

Gummi is growing up fast, as kids do.  As much as I want to slow down time, I'm also curious as to where life will take my little girl.  She is a beautiful daughter and a great sister.  She has a very tender heart and is sensitive to the happenings within our home and family.  She loves Jesus and likes coming to Adoration with me.  She wears her scapular everyday.  She shows some natural athleticism (which I'm keeping my fingers crossed in hopes she will love basketball).  She has the most contagious giggle out of all the Love Bugs.  She wants to be a teacher and a mom when she grows up.

One day last week, I was frustrated with how the kids had just dropped their backpacks, shoes and jackets right inside the door.  I stepped on Gummi's backpack and threw my own little tantrum.  I went on and on to Gummi about personal responsibility and blah, blah, blah.  When I had finished, Gummi very calmly stated, "that's not my backpack.  I already put mine away."

Yesterday on our way to school, the kids were talking about Cook's Choice.  Since this is the last week of school, the cooks don't announce the lunch menu.  The kids find out what they're having as they walk through the lunch line.

Gummi:  Ugh!  I do not like Cook's Choice.
Me:  I think Cook's Choice sounds kind of fun - you know - the mystery and suspense.
Gummi:  Mom, I don't think I like your kind of fun.

Gummi - I hope you had a very Happy Birthday.  You bring such joy to our lives.  Dad and I love you as big as the universe!

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  1. it was always a surprise when we would have children as to if it was a boy or a girl. I think if this was another boy, Mom would have had a fit having to clean up all our boy messes. Come to find out the girls in the family easily out number the boys. Nail polish and no room in the bathroom will soon enough be an issue. Hair, Boys, Girls, Feelings, Cloths, Fighting with best friends, dad is lame (do kids use the word lame these days,) shopping, 5 hour phone conversations, and dare i say girl issues that dad does not want to ever have to deal with. I do not understand any of it.

    I am not going undergarment shopping, i do not want to hear about retaining water, and i am not going to the store to buy anything associated with either of the mentioned. You have enough aunts and cousins to help with these.

    If you want to give me a hug and tell me you love me, talk golf, Sports, or how all boys are gross, you may get an audience.

    Gummi will always be my baby girl. That will always have a special place in my heart for this. Oh and by the way I will be happy to beat up any boy that will ever break your heart. That should not be an issue since you cannot date until you move out.

    Anyone know of a good shrink to get me through the next 15 years of Gummi Bears life?