Friday, August 31, 2012

Day #5

Day #5 - An Organic Farm

Yesterday I learned of a local Organic Farm that gives tours on Fridays.  Thus, our outing for the day was planned.  For me personally, out of all the places we've visited, this has been my favorite!

The farm is run by a family of six.  The dad and two of the kids gave us our tour.  We started out with the goats.

These goats are milked each day.

This hen just flew right up there, above the goats that were eating.  Since they're free-range chickens, eggs can be found all over the farm.

This chick is about 1 1/2 weeks old.

The chickens coming out of their coop to roam for the day.

The boys took their time observing.

Gummi with a double yolker.

A basketful of eggs the kids collected.
Baby bunnies which I was pretty certain Sweet Pea was going to squeeze to death.

Here come the sheep and turkeys.

The orchard - at least 3 varieties of apples, along with pears and apricots.

The pumpkin patch, which unfortunately was hit with a hail storm a little over a week ago.  They still look big, bright and orange.

The root cellar.  Here is where they keep all of their canned goods and, of course, their root vegetables.

Despite all of the animals we saw today, the kitties were still the most coveted among the little ones.

After our tour, we visited the family's market.  For some reason, I have no pictures of this.  I suppose it may have a little something to do with me eating fresh baked molasses cookies, or sampling the homemade brownies, or devouring the "still warm from the oven" wheat, orange & raisin bread.  I came home with homemade soap, some herbal remedies, and bread.  The kids came home with a better understanding of where our food comes from - a priceless lesson that we should all be reminded of and grateful for, every single day.

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