Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Day #2

Day #2 - The Zoo
The zoo is where we found ourselves today.  I honestly didn't know what our plan was for the day.  At 9:45 AM I yelled out, "everyone get your socks and shoes on.  We're going to the zoo!"  The reaction was mostly disbelief.  The little ones jumped up and down, which I found quite funny since they have never been to an actual zoo. 

This was one of the only pictures with Sweet Potato in it.  He was in charge of the map today and it consumed much of his attention and caused him to often lag behind the group.

Pumpkin was convinced she needed this floaty to take home with her.  It happened to be in the Tiger's den.

As we were leaving, we passed by the Carousel and Cucumber asked if we could ride it.  We had such a great day all together and I wanted to treat them to this one ride. 

As we boarded the carousel, the girls ran to the horses of their choice.  The boys were hesitant.  They selected the bench (is that what you call it?)  Honey was looking a bit sick - similar to his Tilt-A-Whirl experience.  I asked if he was feeling o.k. 

Honey Bunches:  I feel fine.  I'm just nervous since this thing doesn't have a seat belt or safety bar.

Me:  Honey, this ride doesn't go that fast.

Sweet Potato:  There's no way I'm getting on one of those tall horses.  I can't believe you're letting Pumpkin up there all by herself.

Me:  I'm going to stand by her.  I'll stand by you too if you'd like.

Sweet Potato:  No way.

The ride began.  I'm standing next to Pumpkin, making sure she doesn't slide off her horse.  Pumpkin starts  yelling, "Giddyup horsey!  Giddyup! Faster, faster!"  I look behind to where the boys are sitting and they're white knuckling the bench in front of them. 

When we came to a stop, these two actually had smiles on their faces.  They claim that the next time we go to the zoo, they'll for sure ride one of the horses.

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  1. hahahaha! Funny!

    Love that first picture. It makes my heart warm! :)