Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Our Easter Memoirs

Today was life as normal (normal being the operative word).  The kids went back to school after having Thursday through Monday off for Easter Vacation.  Monkey Toes is out of town on business. The washing machine has yet to take a break after running all day, and I am sitting here, reflecting on the beautiful weekend we all had together, while sipping a delicious red wine that my good friend brought over last week. 

Holy Week was busy for us, but it is what we prepare for during the Lenten Season.  Tuesday night our church hosted a Seder Meal.  I brought the three oldest kids, while my friend (Miss Gina) babysat the younger three.  I felt it important that Sweet Potato, Honey Bunches and Gummi experience this meal and hear the history of the Passover.  Last year, this year and next year, we will be celebrating a First Communion in our home.  The celebration of the Eucharist is rooted in the Passover Meal.  The kids did great at the Seder Meal.  They were willing to try all the foods and enjoyed hearing the symbolism of each.

Wednesday night, Gummi Bear and I worked with my sisters in catering a meal at a neighboring church.  Gummi is a great and willing helper.  I was glad to take her along to work beside me.  In between courses, we were sitting down and sampling the pie which was going to be served later in the evening.  It's called "Daffodil Pie", and it happens to be our family's traditional Easter dessert.  It is light and fluffy - made with the zest of lemons and oranges.  Delicious!  However, I digress.  So I am sitting down at a table in the kitchen and Gummi is standing next to me.  She took a large spoonful of the pie and wound up choking, causing her to cough in my direction, which resulted in the left side of my body being sprayed with gelatin pie filling.  GROSS!  It was in my hair, on my glasses, all over my shirt and lap.  My sisters thought it hilarious.

We attended Mass on Holy Thursday and service on Good Friday.  Friday, on the way to church, the kids were talking about their Grandpa.
Sweet Potato:  Grandpa's not Catholic. 
Honey Bunches:  He's not Lutheran either.
Sweet Potato:  I know he's not Baptist.
Honey Bunches:  He's non-abama, non-abama, non-abominational!

Saturday was spent with Monkey Toes side of the family.  We gathered for brunch, which was exceptionally good.  There were two kinds of egg bakes, cheesy potatoes, bacon, ham, caramel rolls, cinnamon rolls, fruit, coffee and juice.  The spread was lovely.  I should have taken a picture!  After we ate, the kids were suppose to participate in a Survivor Egg Hunt.  However, due to cold, rainy conditions, the hunt was moved indoors.

Victory by partners Sweet Potato and Sweet Pea!

Partners Grandpa and Pumpkin pleased with their 5th place finish

The winners received chocolate bunnies the size of their heads

All participants received a prize

The proof of Cucumber eating her entire chocolate prize
After all of the games that day, Pumpkin was playing nearby on the floor.  I smelled something so I whispered to her, "Did you poop?"  She whispered back, "No.  My diaper pooped."

Sunday morning we were busy getting ready for Mass.  I was giving myself a little mini-pedicure, using the Ped-Egg (As Seen on T.V. product).  It really works on my dry feet.  Well Sweet Pea was watching me and  she eventually asked, "When I'm older and have gnarly feet, can I use the Pet Egg too?"

We attended Mass and then spent the day with my family.

Our annual family picture on my sister's steps

Our kids in birth order.  Monkey Toes calls them the 6 Dwarfs.  Can you guess which one is Grumpy?  He simply does not have patience for getting his picture taken.

The Egg Hunt

The kids received the movie Hop, from my brother and his family.  On the way home, Sweet Pea and Pumpkin continuously called the movie, Grasshopper.  Completely exhausted from a full and active weekend, the two youngest fell asleep while I prepared dinner.

Easter Break provided our family with 5 wonderful and very full days.  We didn't color eggs or visit the Easter Bunny.  My kids never asked to do these things, so I left those topics alone.  Actually tonight during supper, Sweet Potato asked me if the Easter Bunny is real.  Before I could reply, Gummi answered him, "Who cares Sweet Potato?  Easter is about Jesus and him rising from the dead."  Perfectly stated my sweet, sweet child!


  1. Shelly, thank you for the smiles this morning. I just love reading your blog. Thank you for sharing your family with us. You must be so proud of Gummi for that last comment! You are obviously doing a wonderful job raising those six adorable munchkins! Hope all is well. :)


  2. Thank you Nancy! We are all doing great. By the way, I love your blog too :)