Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Hog Tied

Question:  How many adults does it take to administer 2 immunizations to a 5 year old who will be entering Kindergarten in the fall?

Answer:  FIVE.  That's right.  Me (the mom) and 4 nurses. 

The 3 youngest had appointments this morning.  It was discovered that 2 of my girls received their Hepatitis B shots too close together (They must be administered at a minimum of 3 months apart.  Theirs were given at 2 months apart).  This makes the immunization invalid. So to Cucumber's surprise, she had to have 2 shots.  While I held her in my lap restraining her arms, one nurse was kneeling on the floor, restraining her legs.  Then two nurses - each with one needle in hand - gave the shots in each of Cucumber's thighs.  The 4th nurse stood nearby with band-aids ready, trying very enthusiastically to distract Cucumber.  Seeing this fiasco,  Sweet Pea began to cry and then covered her ears and shouted, "she's hurting my ears!  She's hurting my ears!"  As I attempted to reach out to Sweet Pea to comfort her, she jumped back, scared that she would be next.

Once everyone calmed down, the head nurse said, "You did great Cucumber.  Here's a little treat for you."  She gave Cucumber a coupon for a free small fry at McDonald's.  My mouth must have been hanging open, because the nurse asked me, "Was that o.k. that I gave it to her?"  Well, I wasn't about to snatch it out of the poor girl's hands, but being deserving of a treat after that display?  Hmm.

Currently, we are back home and the girls are napping.  I am exhausted too.  Who knew that Cucumber had such strength - both in her muscles and lung capacity.  For being so little, she sure put up a good fight.  Small and spunky.  That pretty much sums up my Cucumber.

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