Thursday, April 12, 2012


Poor Sweet Potato.  He had a rough start this morning.  He didn't wake up early enough to shower.  Today was a non-uniform day, as the school is taking spring pictures.  Although we aren't planning on ordering any pictures, I instructed the kids to look nice.  Sweet Potato didn't hear those instructions and wore his "You are what you eat.  Eat Metal" t-shirt.  During breakfast he remembered that he had a writing assignment due today, but he forgot his penmanship paper in school.  As our departure time drew near, I announced we were leaving in 5 minutes.  I grabbed my coffee and purse and went out to the van to wait.  Sweet Potato was the last one out of the house.  He had one pant leg tucked into his socks.  He forgot to put on his glasses, and he had alfalfa hair (I do find that a bit endearing on most days!).  As we proceeded to drive to school, Sweet Potato shouted, "Mom. Where's my Mass reading?"  Tomorrow is his class Mass and he has a part.  I told him I hadn't seen it, to which he dumped out his back pack, frantically looking through his papers.  In the midst of this, he also inquired about a permission slip that I had signed, due today, that he forgot to place in his folder.  The kid was stressed out!

I love this child dearly and his disorganization is part of what makes Sweet Potato, well, Sweet Potato.  As his mom, I'm trying to set boundaries as to how much I should bail him out of such situations.  I know he needs to learn responsibility, and the boy is far more intelligent than I, but I have a soft spot in wanting to help manage his stress levels.  What I did manage to do this morning was to not make any comments about his appearance.  I suggested that he complete his writing assignment on a piece of notebook paper, which although isn't what he was instructed to do, at least it would show some initiative.  We found his Mass part on the floor in the back of the van (cargo area).  I suggested he request another permission slip from his teacher if he can't find the original.  I'm pretty sure tonight we will be discussing the responsibility trait. 

I know Sweet Potato means well, he just needs to slow down and focus.  As for me, putting out these little fires is part of the job.  Being older and wiser, I know that these mishaps don't mean much in the realm of life and what matters most.  But to my kids, this is their world right now.  So I guess all I can do is love them up and help keep them grounded.

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