Thursday, April 19, 2012

Daily Conversations

Sweet Pea:  I want to watch The Fresh Beat Band (kid show on Netflix).

Honey Bunches:  I heard Sweet Pea say she wants to watch Fwesh Beat Band.

Gummi:  I heard her say she wants to watch Fresh Beat Van.

Me:  I think the two of you should be a little nicer to Sweet Pea, seeing you are the older siblings.

Honey Bunches:  You heard her say all that, Mom?

During our morning coffee break, Cucumber was teaching her little sisters the days of the week.
Pumpkin:  Tuesday, Frensday, Freezeday, Sunday!

Overheard from the kitchen . . . . . .
Sweet Pea:  Look how pretty the neighbor's yard is.

Pumpkin:  Yea.

Cucumber:  I wish our lawn could have all those pretty yellow flowers too! (dandelions)

Sweet Pea:  Yea, our grass isn't very pretty.

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