Friday, October 28, 2011

My Favorite Time of Year

I think I was meant to grow up and live in the mid-west.  I  love seasons.  I love how each change in season brings about a little excitement and awe.  Now let me be clear, I don't LOVE winter, but there is something magical about the first snowfall and the glistening of the trees when they're frosted.  But I'm getting a little ahead of myself here.  My favorite season is fall.  I only wish that it stuck around a little longer than it does.  Leaves changing colors, the crispness in the air, the crunch of the leaves underfoot as we take our walks - I enjoy it all!
This is the time of year when I enjoy cooking and baking the most.  I love squash, pumpkins, apples, the scent of cinnamon and cloves, warm comfort foods at supper-time and wrapping my hands around a cup of hot chocolate or coffee. 

This is the time of year where the air feels a little fresher, food tastes a little better, my heart feels a little more grateful for the blessings in my life.  Autumn is a beautiful time of year, both inside and out!

P.S.  My smile today is sponsored by Sweet Pea, who on the way home this morning from dropping the kids off at school said, "Mom. What word is on the STOP sign?"  I said, "STOP."  She replied, "Well that's just silly."

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