Friday, February 22, 2013

Who's On First?

I am kind of a stickler when it comes to good manners.  Two places, in particular, that I tend to find many teachable moments, are in church and at the dinner table.  I certainly don't expect perfection from my Love Bugs; they are children afterall, but I do point out behaviors that can be improved upon and possibly even polished a bit.

This afternoon, as Sweet Pea and Pumpkin were arriving at the table for lunch, I said, "Let's get ready to pray."  Pumpkin responded with a very loud "WHAT?"

I decided to teach the girls about the word "pardon."  I explained how "pardon" sounds a little nicer than always saying "what".  So I invited the girls to do some role playing to practice using "pardon."  Sweet Pea shouted, "Me first!"  So I had her repeat the word a few times and then I muttered something that would be difficult to hear.

Sweet Pea:  Pardon?
Me:  Great job!  That is exactly how you use that word.

Sweet Pea grinned, being very proud of herself.

Meanwhile, with a very puzzled look on her face:

Pumpkin:  What?
Me:  Not "what?", "pardon."
Pumpkin:  Pardon what?
Me:  Don't say the word "what", only say the word "pardon."
Pumpkin:  What?
Me:  Instead of saying "what", say "pardon"
Pumpkin:  Say what?
Pumpkin:  I don't get what!

Sweet Pea:  I think she's a "what" girl, mom.

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