Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Christmas Reflections

Our 12 Days of Christmas

Day 1 - Christmas Eve
Two of my lovely nieces picked me up in the morning and took me to breakfast here.  It's one of my favorite places.  While I was enjoying some much needed "catch-up" time with the girls, my family was busy getting our house in order for Monkey's family.

Monkey and Gummi Bear
We attended Mass, had a soup supper, opened gifts, and played late into the evening.

Day 2 - Christmas Day

The kids were up early and excited to continue the celebrations.  The little ones woke Grandpa up and begged him to paint their nails.  Monkey was convinced to help out as well.

After naps we headed to my sisters for dinner and more gifts.

Day 3 
Recovery day.  I stayed in  my pajamas ALL day.  Literally.  And so did the Love Bugs.

Day 4
Back to reality.  I got dressed.  The kids cousins came over for the day and we began the serious business of potty training.  THAT did not go very well at all.

Day 5
The cousins came over again for the day and the kids spent almost the entire time in the basement building with Lego's, playing Dance Party 4 and playing Monopoly.  

In a very last minute plan, my sisters and I went out to dinner and then took my mom to the musical Nunsense.  It was a fantastic evening.

Day 6
Is it possible the kids are tired of their new toys already?

Day 7
Mass and playing outside.

Day 8 - New Year's Eve
Besides Christmas, this was my favorite day.  After breakfast, Monkey and I took the kids ice-skating (skates were gifted by Grandpa).

We ordered pizza, went to Mass and returned home to play games (NFL Monopoly and Dance Party 4).  We rang in the New Year with my nephew and niece and toasting with sparkling grape juice.

Day 9
Recovery day.  

Day 10
Great effort made at getting back into routine.  The kids went back to school, Monkey went back to work, and I did laundry.

Day 11
Found solace in knowing that there is only one more day until the weekend.  

Day 12
We played non-stop Christmas music, knowing that soon we would pack it away until next Christmas.  The kids were excited to be home for the weekend and were very content playing with one another.

Beyond the 12 Days
We took down our Christmas decor, except for the Nativity.

Monkey does much work in his robe.

We attended Mass.  We shared in an awesome pancake breakfast, sponsored by our KCs.  We prayed our traditional house blessing.
Epiphany blessing we mark above our entrance doors and our bedroom doors.

In the afternoon, Monkey and I took the kids to "Wreck It Ralph" (it was playing at the cheap theater).  It was a great movie and a wonderful way to wrap up our weekend.

In addition, we have potty training success!  Pumpkin is very confident in this life skill.  Congratulations Pumpkin!  Although she still wears a diaper at night, she no longer needs one during the day, including nap time.  This is a huge milestone for all of us.  We have had kids in diapers for 10 consecutive years.  

So that's it.  Our Christmas season in a nutshell.  In my humble opinion, this was one of the best holidays to date.  The kids are at a great age where the over-stimulation is handled pretty well.  In years past, we have had major meltdowns by the time Christmas Day evening rolled around.  Not this year.  We celebrated with more smiles than tears.  We spent much time with family, ate terrific food, worshipped together, had a couple of jammie days, ate popcorn (more than once) for a meal, played together, and enjoyed some much needed time off.  Although we're back into the swing of things, these Christmas reflections bring much joy to my heart.  And once again I say, "I am truly blessed!"

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