Friday, August 9, 2013

Our Summer Review

Talk to just about anyone and the consensus seems to be the same; no one can believe that it is already August.  Where did June and July go?  What happened to gazing at the summer months ahead with all of their potential and endless possibilities?  Weren't we going to do this and accomplish that?  Now we are left with a few short weeks before (gulp) school begins.  Don't even get me started on school supply shopping.  I'm in denial.  At this rate, I'll be lucky, rather my children will be lucky, if they show up to school on time the first day, with a uniform that fits and their backpacks full of the necessary supplies.

A common response I have used lately when asked how summer is going is, "fast and I feel we have nothing to show for it."  We didn't take any family trips or vacations.  Monkey has actually been gone more this summer than I/we had planned.  We had very little structure to our days.  The long list of home improvements was barely touched.  Supplies were gathered for a few organizing projects for inside which were begun, but not finished.   So what have we done for the past few months?

The boys spent 5 days with their Grandpa at the cabin.  We attended a mini-family reunion on my mom's side.  Monkey and I volunteered at Winstock (a fundraiser for our kids school).  We participated in Relay For Life.  The kids attended Vacation Bible School at the school they attend.  Through Community Education, the kids participated in gymnastics, swimming lessons, golf lessons and football camp.  I met my college friends for our annual get-together.  The kids attended VBS through our Area Faith Community.  I snuck away for an evening (and well into the morning) to meet up with some friends from high school.  The girls spent a few days at the cabin with Grandpa.  Sprinkle in a dinner out or a visit here and there, and summer hasn't been too shabby for us.

A Wednesday evening at the Mushroom Building - The Kingery Family
An afternoon of kite flying
A "from scratch" chocolate cake made by Sweet Potato
A day of fun at a neighbor's pool
A beautiful woman's birthday party
Sweet Pea giving Dad a haircut
Games of 500
An afternoon at the lake with dear friends
8 of the 9 kids enjoying the beautiful evening (#9 was only 10 months old)
Monkey Toes playing a gig
Sweet Potato
Honey Bunches is my deep-thought boy.  After trying on his gear he told me, "this makes me feel like I'm part of something bigger than me."                                       
National Night Out - Gummi
Camp-out in the backyard
My air mattress buddies the morning after our camp out - Sweet Pea and Pumpkin
Lot of giggles with Grandma
So although, at first glance, it doesn't seem or feel like we have accomplished much this summer, we certainly have made some lovely memories and enjoyed some great company.  With a few weeks left, I want to immerse myself in this down-time and take full advantage of this gift of time.  It goes all too quickly.

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  1. Looks like a wonderful summer Shelly! I feel about the!

    Looking forward to seeing you!