Friday, December 9, 2011

The Gift of Life

My Dad was an organ donor.  Yesterday, my mom received a phone call from the Donor Center, letting her know that 61 surgeries in 7 states across the U.S. have been performed using tissue, bone, ligaments, etc. from my Dad.  As she shared this news with my siblings and I, we were moved by the mere miracle that even in death, my Dad continues to help others.  I am proud of my Dad for being a donor.  I am proud of my Mom for honoring his wishes.  I am thankful for the medical world which can perform these procedures to enhance the quality of lives.  I am humbled knowing that Dad not only lives on in our hearts, but also through those who have never met him, yet have benefited from his generosity.  Proof, once more, of the dignity of human life in all of its stages.

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