Thursday, December 1, 2011

A Child's Philosophy

The conversation on the way to school today:

Sweet Potato:  Did you know that reindeer don't live at the North Pole?  They live in Europe and Northern Asia.

Me:  Really?  (I have no idea if this is correct information or not)

Gummi Bear:  Then how does Santa get them to the North Pole?

Sweet Potato:  Well Santa doesn't actually live at the North Pole.  Nothing can live at the North Pole.  I think he vacations until Christmas and then they all get together up there.

Honey Bunches:  Yeah 'cause Santa is a big guy and if he lived at the North Pole he wouldn't have anything to eat and then he'd just be a skinny guy and Santa can't be a skinny guy.

Gummi Bear:  Yeah.

Makes sense to me.

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