Tuesday, November 29, 2011

We Wait In Darkness

Happy Advent!  I love this Liturgical Season, but really, who am I kidding - I love them all!  Advent is a time that I take FULL advantage.  My family does not rush into the hype of the season.  As much as we look forward to Christmas, we also understand the importance of Advent.  This past Sunday, our priest encouraged us to wait with our decorating and busyness of the season, in order to grow in anticipation of Christmas.  Our kids have been asking to put the tree up and hang their stockings.  Monkey Toes and I explained to them why we are waiting.  Advent gives us the opportunity to prepare our hearts for Christ.  As a sacrifice during this time of preparation, our family has agreed to limit our "screen time". 
The focus in our home right now is our Advent Wreath.  The wreath (typically circular and evergreen) represents God's everlasting love.  Each candle represents a Sunday, leading up to Christmas.  Purple symbolizes repentance.  One of our previous priests explained that the purple represents the color on the horizon before the sun rises.  We are waiting in darkness before our great light comes (Jesus).  The pink candle symbolizes joy and hope.  As the wreath grows in light, our wait in darkness decreases.  The Light of the World is drawing nearer and nearer.

I am really proud of my kids during this time.  They have demonstrated such positive attitudes.  Each night before supper, they take turns leading our Advent prayers and lighting the candles.  They haven't fussed about limiting their use of the the WII or computer.  All in all, we do this in order to keep Christ in the center of our lives and in the center of The Season.  Hopefully it will lead to a richer prayer experience in our home and within each of our lives.

Blessing of the Advent Wreath
God of Wonder, send down your blessing on our family's wreath.
May all of us who use it prepare a special place in our hearts for Christ's coming.
May this wreath and its light remind us of Christ's promised coming.
Send down your many blessings on our family during this holy season.
We ask this in the name of Christ, your Son and our Brother.

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