Friday, November 16, 2012

The Gift That Keeps On Giving

How about some sensible footwear for the new 40 year old?  Yes, this is a picture of my feet, however these are my mom's SAS shoes.  I wore them for a whole day and I must admit, they are comfy.  Seriously.  I may consider a pair when it is age appropriate.  I borrowed these for a Mystery Tea that I was invited to.  I played the role of a distressed 80 year old maid.  I thought they fit the part nicely.

Since my last post, I received many encouraging messages of how people were inspired to pass along some Random Acts of Kindness throughout their days.  Here is one of the messages I received from my dear friend.  When I asked her if I could post the message to this blog, she replied as long as I gave her a cute nickname.  I've been trying to come up with something befitting of such a beautiful friend.  Two names keep coming to mind:  Nutella and Merlot.  Both are very relevant in my life.  I care to not elaborate much more than that at this point, but lets just say both products are in my home and both have been consumed within the last 24 hours.  Sorry friend.  I promise, I will come up with a fantastic name once my mind is off of chocolate and red wine!

She writes:

Being inspired by you as I always am, I decided to do a few random acts of kindness in your honor.  Here they are...
When at Target and I have a pharmacy rewards card (5% off entire shopping day) I find a person coming in and give it to them.  Only one man has said no so far.
Today at one of my schools the social worker was going through the HUGE pile of lost and found stuff from the beginning of the year.  There was some really nice stuff in there (like a North Face jacket, LL Bean...).  She was donating some items to a family at this school who does not have much.  I asked her if I could take the rest to one of my schools in North MPLS where the kids are not so fortunate.  I have a large box and bag of winter stuff to bring there and give to kids in need.
I also decided that I would donate 5 turkeys to families at my school in N. MPLS as well and contacted the Social Worker about that.
I WILL clean out my closet this weekend and donate it to my friend's non-profit.
I will sponsor a family again for Christmas this year from my friend's non-profit.

Today is give to the max day and I will be donating to Paws for Learning.  They bring therapy dogs to my school and work with kids with emotional disorders.  They are amazing!

I hope this brightened your day!  It did mine~~~!!!

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