Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Age Is Only a Number?

The past few days, Honey Bunches has complained about a sore toe. Last night his big toe was about double the size of his other big toe. First thing this morning, I called our doctor with only a slight hope of getting an appointment to see her. It turned out she had a cancelation and could see Honey in the afternoon. I had no choice but to bring all six of the Love Bugs with me. We all crammed into the examination room and thankfully our doctor joined us in a very timely manner. She was excited to see everyone, as she has delivered each of my kids. One by one she asked each child how old he/she is. Afterwards she asked, "do any of you ever forget how old you are sometimes?" In unison the kids shouted, "nooooo." Then Honey Bunches added, "mom sometimes forgets. Ya know she's forty now."

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