Friday, November 21, 2014


Recently, if you had been a fly on our wall, you may have overheard. . .

Cucumber:  How do you spell wolf?
Me:  W-O-L-F.
Sweet Pea:  Are you sure you didn't just spell "waffle"?

Me:  Can I show you how to load the dishwasher in a more efficient way?
Honey Bunches:  I may not be efficient, but I am agile and accurate.

Gummi Bear:  What is a fife and comb?
Me:  I have no idea.
Honey Bunches:  Don't you mean a fife and drum?
Gummi Bear:  I don't think so.
For the record, it is fife and drum.

Monkey Toes:  Whoa, this is crazy.  Did you know that Maria Sharapova is 6'2?

Pumpkin:  I need the launchers to get my bagel out of the toaster.
Here, Pumpkin is referring to the kitchen tongs, which has me questioning what exactly the tongs are used for when I am not around.

Cucumber:  Who knew the Tooth Fairy was Catholic?

Sweat Potato:  Is Breaking Balls on tonight?
Monkey Toes:  Do you mean "The Big Break"?
Sweat Potato:  If it's the golf show, then yeah.

Me:  Please don't use your sleeve to wash the table.  That is what we have dish rags for.

After discussing our favorite Junie B. Jones quotes. . .

Sweet Potato:  I think "Aloha-ha-ha" was the last book in the series because she dies.
Sweet Pea:  Junie B. dies?
Me:  No, the author Barbara Park passed away.
Honey Bunches:  And that is why you need to speak with commas Sweet Potato.  It's the difference between "let's eat, Grandpa" and "let's eat Grandpa."

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