Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Mammograms and Root Canals

I'm not sure what I was thinking.  Grandma offered to watch Pumpkin and the other Love Bugs were in school.  I needed to schedule two appointments, so why not have them both on the same day?  I guess some may say that is being efficient.  Others may claim craziness.  Call it what you will.

As I draw closer to the 41 year mark, my Sissy #2 has been hounding me to get a mammogram.  I haven't been ignoring her, it's just the logistics of setting up the appointment, finding child-care, etc.  I finally decided to heed her advice and I scheduled this test.  Leading up to my appointment, I was in conversation with Sissy #1.  According to her, a mammogram is like. . .well, pretty much death.  She wished me "good luck" with a tone that indicated, "I hope to see you on the other side."  Gulp.  

Here is a summary of my mammogram.  A little squish here, a little squash there, botta bing, botta boom, done.  It only took 5 minutes.  The hardest part for me was small talking with the technician while I was topless and she was adjusting the machine for the other side.  For a modest gal like me, it was slightly awkward.  So I am pleased to tell Sissy #2 that I can check "mammogram" off my list of things to do in the next year and that my scans came back normal.  Yeah.

Once I "recovered" from my mammogram, I was off to the dentist for a root canal.  Let me preface this by saying that I like the dentist.  I actually LIKE getting my teeth cleaned.  I don't find the experience painful or uncomfortable.  I have even had a cavity filled with no Novocain.  I was very much at ease going into this appointment.  Beforehand, I of course researched the details of a root canal and decided I was open to taking whatever drugs they offered.  I have had six kids.  I don't need to be a hero in the dentist chair.

I laid back in the chair, I selected classical Mozart and Bach for my headset, I easily accepted my shot of Novocain, and then took the mask of Laughing Gas.  At this point, I was in a pretty good place.  Then I opened wide and shriek!  When the air hit my exposed nerve, well lets just say that I'm thankful my mouth was occupied, or else there is a good possibility that some expletives may have escaped.  My toes curled and I shut my eyes.  I'm not sure how long I was in that chair, but I was more than thankful when the time came to leave.  This procedure was divided into two parts, so I still have to go back in a few weeks to finish up. I'm  hoping the worst is over.

My bar for pain is set at childbirth.  I have never experienced anything more physically painful than giving birth, so I use that as my scale for pain.  Once my babies were born, my pain subsided and I was good to go.

Now apply this to the mammogram and root canal.

On a scale of 0-childbirth, my mammogram ranks a 0.  It was a little uncomfortable, but certainly not painful. It was over and done with in a short time with no after-effects.  As for the root canal, it wasn't as painful as childbirth, but the discomfort didn't subside when the procedure was completed either.  For 2-3 days after, my teeth/gums hurt.  It was a constant, dull throb.  That is something I was not prepared for.  A root canal, most certainly, would have killed Sissy #1.  I should call and warn her about the importance of good oral hygiene.  I'm just happy that I'm still alive and kicking to share my tales.

Here's to good health on all fronts!


  1. This was a busy day for you. But I can say, it’s a great move to take mammogram and root canal procedure in the same day. It’s not painful, but at least you only had to bear the discomfort in just a day. How are your gums, by the way?

    Jody @ HoustonSmileDocs.com

    1. Thanks for your comment Jody! I am happy to report that my gums have fully "recovered."