Thursday, May 24, 2012

Throwing Caution to the Wind

The last two days it has rained. . . a tremendous amount.  I was thankful for the rain yesterday, as it was an excuse to stay indoors and complete a basement project I wanted to finish.  I had been putting it off with the beautiful weather we have been having.  I feel too guilty staying indoors (keeping the kids inside) when the sun is shining.  However another day of rain caused my children to go stir crazy.  So first on the agenda was to let the girls do my hair.

Sweet Pea took the picture.  Each girl put in one binder.  I don't have much hair to work with, so I was a bit impressed with what they could accomplish.

Next was playing in the rain.

Then we ate lunch, napped, and headed back outdoors.

After some major puddle jumping (or rather puddle swimming), it was time for some. . . . . . . .

sloppy kisses.  Yeah - it was a pretty great day!

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