Friday, November 7, 2014

The Mary Garden

Since I was a little girl, one of my favorite places to spend time in prayer and reflection has been the Grotto at our parish.  It is a place that is not only beautiful, but also peaceful.  The Love Bugs and I frequent the Grotto during the summer months.  We often visit to pray our Rosary and then the Bugs play in the wooded area in front of it, running and climbing the trees.

The Grotto was also a special place for my parents.  They both had a loving devotion to our Blessed Mother.  My Dad served on the Maintenance Committee and would volunteer to help with its upkeep. During the warmer months, my Mom would sit in prayer at the Grotto. 

The day of our wedding, Monkey and I requested a photo be taken here.


A few years ago, the idea of creating a Mary Garden around the Grotto was presented in our parish. This project excited my Mom, as she envisioned its potential.  When Mom was sick and wanted to plan her funeral, she requested that memorials be used towards the Mary Garden Project.

Through the generosity of family, our parish family, and friends, enough money was donated to complete the planting of the garden and purchase a memorial bench.

The Planting

The Love Bugs and I volunteered to help plant the Mary Garden.  I told the Bugs that if they became hot and tired and wanted to quit, to remember that we are not only doing this as a way to honor Mary, but also to honor Grandma.  The Love Bugs were troopers and stuck it out until the end.

The end of a long, hard days work.

The "after"

The Dedication and Blessing

Our beloved Priests, Deacon, and Bishop

From Mary,
We Learn to Surrender
To God's Will in All Things.

From Mary,
We Learn to Trust Even
When All Hope Seems Gone.

From Mary,
We Learn to Love Christ,
Her Son and the Son of God.

St. John Paul II 

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